Recreation District April 2008 Dan Rodgerson

March & April 2008 Administrative Report

  • Attended URPA conference in St. George – Dan &Robin
  • Interviewed and hired four full-time staff – Dan &Robin
  • Sent out bid for phone system – Dan
  • Sent out bid for security system- Dan
  • Established birthday party packages -Robin
  • Established room rental agreement -Robin
  • Presented PTO for board approval – Dan
  • Wrote new “Fitness for duty” policy – Dan
  • Finalized cooperative agreement withVernal City- Dan
  • Presented bids for Golf project sod and hydro-seed – Dan
  • Worked on interior signage package – Dan
  • Coordinated with state audit of Mineral lease monies –Robin
  • Displayed at two community events –Robin
  • Physically assisted with pond liner project – Dan &Robin
  • Installed membership registration software -Robin
  • Planned and scheduled Sneak Peak and grand opening – Dan &Robin
  • Finalized facility furniture -Robin
  • Ordered memorial benches for the center -Robin
  • Ordered bronze plaque for the center – Dan
  • Coordinated three change orders withLayton– Dan &Robin
  • Mediation with former employee – Dan
  • Coordinated inspections with Health Department – Dan
  • Presented and purchased mobile concession cart at golf course – Dan
  • Purchased appliances for kitchen at new center -Robin
  • Purchased cardio theatre for cardio area at new center – Robin
  • Coordinated several facility tours with local officials – Dan &Robin
  • Met with County Commissioner Candidate to educate and tour facility – Dan &Robin
  • Coordinated meeting withSchool District on cooperative issues – Dan &Robin
  •  Met withVernal Cityregarding curb gutter and sidewalk- Dan
  • Submitted several press releases regarding new center- Dan
  • Coordinated four staff meetings- Dan &Robin
  • Hired one Parks Maintenance worker- Dan &Robin
  • Presented at the joint City/ County meeting – Dan &Robin
  • Coordinated resignation and release of district employee – Dan
  • Met with Architect and Contractor for three owners rep meetings- Dan &Robin

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