Recreation District December 2007 Dan Rodgerson

November-December Administrative Report

  • Altered, presented sections 300-400 of the Employee manual
  • Worked on Master Plans for KOA and Remember theMaine
  • Sent bid specifications for Gold Course Aerator
  • Coordinated Demolition of old concession stand
  • Gathered figures and quotes for maintenance building
  • Drafted memo regarding youth group fees
  • Prepared and presented budget for 2007
  • Revised and gained approval for Lapoint Master Plan
  • Coordinated Christmas party
  • Wrote an article and provided artwork for Dinaland publication
  • Sent bid specification for new District Vehicle
  • Worked withVernalCityon waiving fees or Community Center
  • Conducted staff evaluations/ created expectations
  • Held four staff meetings
  • Attended two owners rep meetings
  • Attended four Kay Park committee meetings
  • Advertised for new board positions
  • Created press release for John M
  • Finalized agreement/ paperwork for CIB
  • Attended Special Service District coordination meeting
  • Transferred Scholarship funds to Economic Development

Dan Rodgerson


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