Recreation District February 2008 Dan Rodgerson

January- February 2008 Administrative Report

  • Extended offer and executed contract with new golf professional-  Dan
  • Finalized community center furniture- Dan &Robin
  • Purchased new registration software for community center-Robin
  • Advertised for several District positions-Robin
  • Coordinated 2 loss claims with ULGT-Robin
  • Met with committee to begin new procurement policy- Dan &Robin
  • Advertised new mower bid for Ballard Park-Robin
  • Worked with fire district and land planner for Lapoint fire station- Dan
  • Finalized admission fees, memberships for new center-Robin
  • Worked with Architect, contractor and vendor regarding climbing wall issues- Dan
  •  Met withVernal City regarding curb gutter and sidewalk- Dan
  • Drafted agreement with Vernal City- Dan
  • Worked with Architect, contractor regarding 3 meter diving platform– Dan
  • Coordinated and prioritized 08 capital projects- Dan &Robin
  • Met withClarkand researched drug testing policy-Robin
  • Conducted a Community Center meeting- Dan &Robin
  • Coordinated insurance and application for beer license-Robin
  • Bonded new vice chair-Robin
  • Submitted press release regarding new center– Dan
  • Finalized Kent M buy-out- Dan
  • Finalized the Naples playground purchase- Dan
  • Solicited quotes and specifications of pool scoreboard-Robin
  • Established and presented staff recruitment incentive-Robin
  • Researching dates and specifications regarding potential third party testing exposure- Dan
  • Drafted Comprehensive Community Center marketing brochure-Dan &Robin
  • Met with boys baseball and girls softball regarding contract relationship-Robin
  • Coordinated three staff meetings- Dan &Robin
  • Hired new Parks Maintenance worker- Dan &Robin
  • Conducted training for new PEAK software system-Robin
  • Hired staff to coordinate and begin membership sales- Dan &Robin
  • Created expectations and goals for Philip – Dan
  • Worked with JCS and Engineering Services on Golf Project- Dan
  • Met with Architect and contractor for three owners rep meetings- Dan &Robin
  • Worked on design for City/ county concession stand- Dan

Dan Rodgerson &RobinO’Driscoll

Rodgerson Resume

Daniel Rodgerson Biz

Dan Rodgerson Profile

Dan Rodgerson Motivational Quotes

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