Recreation District June 2006 Dan Rodgerson

June 06 Administrative Report Recreation District

  • Met with Marketing committee to determine logo
  • Coordinated service project with 30 youth
  • Presented to CIB regarding Kay grant/ loan- Granted 7,000,000.00
  • Held community meetings in Jensen, Tridell, Lapoint andVernal City
  • Finalized floor plan of Recreation Center
  • Met with EDA and GSBS in Salt Lake regarding master plans
  • Presented draft MOU to District Attorney for review
  • Met with Naples park committee
  • Processed contract for bond attorney
  • Worked with County on municipal building authority
  • Passed resolution authorizing revenue bond
  • Worked with School District on plans for Glines, Maeser, etc.
  • Bid playground in Jensen
  • Closed on property in Lapoint
  • Conducted Geo-Tech soil study on Kay
  •  Attended two Parks committee meetings
  • Modified event permits and presented to the board
  •  Met with City regarding the KOA site
  • Attended board meetings and workshop
  • Attended two Kay Park committee meetings
  • Held three staff meetings
  • Met with county commissioners for monthly update

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