Recreation District March 2006 Dan Rodgerson

March 06 Administrative Report- Dan Rodgerson

  • Attended CIB Meeting in Moab.
  • Coordinated with Aspen Consulting regardingJensenPark.
  • Met with EDA in Salt Lake twice, created floor plans and exterior designs.
  • Met with BLM regarding property on the white river.
  • Attended Utah Parks and Recreation Conference in St George.
  • Met with the City manager ofNaplesto review park improvements.
  • Met with Mike Swallow in St George regarding Pay and Class Study.
  • Gathered letters of support for CIB application.
  • Finalized Grant application for Community Impact Board.
  • Created measurable expectations for Direct Report staff.
  • Established and account and transferred 3 million into Wells Fargo account.
  • Interviewed and hired Liz Grimshaw for Administrative Assistant position.
  • Met with the city of Ballard regarding park improvements.
  • Drafted new merit based increase system.
  • Reviewed proposed employee manual from the county.
  • Worked with Walsten Net Design on District Logo and website progress.
  • Conducted a full-day Pay and classification staff meeting.
  • Attended board meeting and workshop.
  • Attended two Kay Park committee meetings.
  • Worked with EDA to establish operating cost analysis.
  •  Met with Marketing committee to refine slogan, and mission statement.
  • Held two staff meetings.
  • Met with the Local association of governments for CIB grant support.
  • Attended and presented at the joint City/ County meeting.

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