Recreation District Report August 2008 Dan Rodgerson

Recreation District Report August 2008

  • Working with contractor on punch list items – Dan & Robin
  • Coordinated with School District on score board purchase – Dan
  • Sent out bid for Spinning bikes – Dan & Robin
  • Coordinated installation for security system- Dan
  • Researched and suggested spectator fee – Robin
  • Prepared CIB grant for light field replacement – Robin
  • Presented CIB grant in Salt Lake – Dan & Robin
  • Purchased and coordinated interior signage package- Dan
  • Attended sales meeting to potentially re-negotiate benefits package- Dan
  • Coordinated installation and crossover of phone lines into new center – Dan
  • Coordinated new designs for concession stand building- Dan & Robin
  • Finalized inter local agreement with the school district – Dan
  • Coordinated purchase of plaque for building- Robin
  • Coordinated new internet lines, router into new center – Dan
  • Worked with UBET on easement for data box – Dan
  • Determined system and cost for locker rentals – Robin
  • Purchased bike racks and benches for new center – Robin
  • Met with county officials in regards to CIB – Robin
  • Ordered and installed lobby pool tables – Robin
  • Coordinated on the enlarging of center retention pond- Dan
  • Worked with attorney in response to change order request – Dan
  • Worked with electrical consultant for assessment of remaining athletic fields – Dan
  • Coordinated installation of center sound system – Dan
  • Presented power and sewer bid for KOA development – Robin
  • Presented Great Western culinary water conversion change order  Robin
  • Presented nepotism policy revision – Dan
  • Presented pay and classification proposal – Dan
  • Recommended reduced home school entrance fee – Robn
  • Aggressively pursued sales of corporate memberships – Robin
  • Prepared bid specification for new vehicle – Robin
  • Drafted letter to Morton Electric in regards to lighting repair – Dan
  • Presented budget-re-opener – Robin
  • Presented golf pass yearly adjustment suggestion – Dan
  • Coordinated to purchase fence around aquatic area – Dan
  • Displayed at two community events –Robin
  • Coordinated four staff meetings- Dan &Robin
  • Coordinated resignation and release of district employee – Dan
  • Met with Architect and Contractor for three owners rep meetings- Dan &Robin

Dan Rodgerson & RobinO’Driscoll

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