Recreation District Report July 2008 Dan Rodgerson

July Administrative Report Vernal

  • Coordinated delivery and use of athletic equipment- Dan
  • Met with City of Naples regarding MOU-Dan
  • Worked on Golf Course sign- Dan
  • Coordinated Capital projects workshop- Dan &Robin
  • Sent request for proposals for Concession Stand
  • Attended Golf Course committee meeting- Dan
  • Created 5 year plan for golf course improvements- Dan
  • Finalized Fee schedule for Community Center-Robin
  • Worked with tree board and locals for Landscape changes recommendations- Dan
  • Held a marketing meeting- Dan &Robin
  • Ordered survey for KOA- Dan
  • Worked with City on curb and gutter for community center– Dan
  • Met with representatives regarding district health care-Robin
  • Attended 2 staff meetings- Dan & Robin
  • Attended 2 Owners Rep meetings- Dan &Robin
  • Filed insurance claim for contractor damage at center
  • Daily contact with Architect and Builder on Rec center-  Dan
  • Met with and coordinated with Tackle football-Robin
  • Established checking accounts with Wells Fargo
  • Coordinated resolution for District Retirement Program
  • Attended three Kay Park committee meetings-  Dan &Robin

Dan Rodgerson & RobinO’Driscoll

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