Recreation District Report May 2006 Dan Rodgerson

April-May 06 Administrative Report Vernal Utah

  • Met with Marketing committee to determine slogan
  • Hosted Public meeting for Kay development
  • Gained approval on Jensen master plan.
  • Met with EDA in Salt Lake twice, finalized floor plans and exterior designs.
  • Initiated review-alterations to Personnel Policy manual
  • Spoke at Chamber of commerce regarding District
  • Drafted memo of understanding with county regarding Jensen
  • Met with County Planning regarding Park impact fees
  • Met with Naples park committee
  • Finalized pay and class study, implemented changes
  • Worked with Sports Plan to determine center operating budgets
  • Met with Tom Anderson regarding aquatics concepts and ideas
  • Researched and toured property for sale in Lapoint
  • Negotiated with D&M development on sewer easement
  • Sent RFP for Geo-Tech soil study on Kay
  • Attended Procurement seminar in Salt lake
  • Negotiated property purchase with Von Swain
  •  Attended two Parks committee meetings and a policy meeting
  •  Met with County and City regarding the KOA site
  • Bid and awarded irrigation project at Jensen, removed un-safe playground
  • Met with Keith Burnett regarding CIB presentation
  • Attended board meetings and workshop
  • Attended three Kay Park committee meetings
  • Held four staff meetings
  • Met with county commissioners for monthly update

Dan Rodgerson


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