Recreation District Report June 2007 Dan Rodgerson

May-June Administrative Report  Recreation District

  • Several meeting with Testing agencies regarding concrete concerns- Dan
  • Met with Personnel Director from County regarding personnel issues- Dan & Robin
  • Attended many meetings regarding potential operation of Buckskin Hills- Dan
  • Attended 2 Economic Development Special Service District meetings- Dan
  • Continued work on MOU’s- Dan
  • Contacted and begun working on Casselle software package- Robin
  • Worked with IT for hardware requirements- Robin
  • Met with Barry Colovich for contract work at Remember the Maine- Dan
  • Attended Cobra insurance meeting- Robin
  • Met with Lions Club regarding Remember the Maine- Dan
  • Met with District Attorney twice regarding legal issues- Dan
  • Recruited for additional staff- Robin
  • Created and sent RFP regarding district health insurance- Dan
  • Met with Utah Local Governments trust Property insurance needs- Dan & Robin
  • Participated in the health fair- Robin
  • Attended Pool Committee meeting- Robin
  • Hosted a CURPA meeting- Robin
  • Worked on final master plans for Avalon, Remember theMaineand Ballard- Dan
  • Researched info on Pool Scoreboard- Dan
  • Worked with Auditors for district audit report- Robin
  • Reviewed bids for Athletic Equipment  created comparison sheet- Robin
  • Research and recommended Ozone for new center- Dan
  • Worked on change orders for the Community Center– Dan
  • Attended two admin meetings- Dan
  • Attended 4 staff meetings- Dan & Robin
  • Attended 3 Owners Rep meetings- Dan & Robin
  • Worked with Attorney on recommendation for Landscaping- Dan
  • Worked with Peak Software for Community Center needs- Robin
  • Revised Golf Maintenance building and re-bid- Dan
  • Met with Story Telling festival for coordination- Robin
  • Worked with Lions Club for service project- Dan
  • Daily contact with Architect and Builder on Rec center-  Dan
  • Revised FF&E list-Robin
  • Attended three Kay Park committee meetings-  Dan &Robin
  • Attended Naples Park Committee meeting-  Dan
  • Worked with UELS for design on Avalon Community Building- Dan

Dan Rodgerson & Robin O’Driscoll

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