Recreation District Report August 2008 Dan Rodgerson

July-August Administrative Report  Recreation District

  • Met with marketing committee to review park signs, letterhead etc.
  • Met with City of Vernal for site permits/ requirements
  • Met with CIB to finalize funds regarding Kay loan- Granted 7,000,000.00
  • Continued major revisions Finalized floor plan of Recreation Center
  • Met with District’s Attorney regarding revised MOU’s
  • Created RFP for CM-GC contractors
  • Planned and scheduled pre-bid meeting for CM-GC contractors
  • Scored, ranked and created summary for interviews for CMGC contractor interviews
  • Met with Naples park committee
  • Met with EDA and Okland in Salt Lake twice
  • Met with Tom Anderson regarding aquatics area/ issues in pool area
  • Worked with Del Brady to subdivide property for CIB loan
  • Worked with County on municipal building authority for Kay property
  • Bid and awarded playground and installation in Jensen
  • Coordinated volunteers to remove old playground equipment
  • Advertised for four full-time positions
  • Worked on major revisions to employee manual
  • Held four staff meetings
  •  Met with the city of Ballard on Creation of  Master Plan
  • Coordinated detailed site survey for Kay
  •  Attended two Parks committee meetings
  • Revised system for pay for performance
  • Worked on Master Plan for KOA, Lapoint and Tridell
  • Attended a board meeting and two workshops
  • Attended four Kay Park committee meetings
  • Met with county commissioners for monthly update
  • Worked to secure funding regarding creation of new districts
  • Created RFP for website design

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Recreation District February 2008 Dan Rodgerson

January- February 2008 Administrative Report

  • Extended offer and executed contract with new golf professional-  Dan
  • Finalized community center furniture- Dan &Robin
  • Purchased new registration software for community center-Robin
  • Advertised for several District positions-Robin
  • Coordinated 2 loss claims with ULGT-Robin
  • Met with committee to begin new procurement policy- Dan &Robin
  • Advertised new mower bid for Ballard Park-Robin
  • Worked with fire district and land planner for Lapoint fire station- Dan
  • Finalized admission fees, memberships for new center-Robin
  • Worked with Architect, contractor and vendor regarding climbing wall issues- Dan
  •  Met withVernal City regarding curb gutter and sidewalk- Dan
  • Drafted agreement with Vernal City- Dan
  • Worked with Architect, contractor regarding 3 meter diving platform– Dan
  • Coordinated and prioritized 08 capital projects- Dan &Robin
  • Met withClarkand researched drug testing policy-Robin
  • Conducted a Community Center meeting- Dan &Robin
  • Coordinated insurance and application for beer license-Robin
  • Bonded new vice chair-Robin
  • Submitted press release regarding new center– Dan
  • Finalized Kent M buy-out- Dan
  • Finalized the Naples playground purchase- Dan
  • Solicited quotes and specifications of pool scoreboard-Robin
  • Established and presented staff recruitment incentive-Robin
  • Researching dates and specifications regarding potential third party testing exposure- Dan
  • Drafted Comprehensive Community Center marketing brochure-Dan &Robin
  • Met with boys baseball and girls softball regarding contract relationship-Robin
  • Coordinated three staff meetings- Dan &Robin
  • Hired new Parks Maintenance worker- Dan &Robin
  • Conducted training for new PEAK software system-Robin
  • Hired staff to coordinate and begin membership sales- Dan &Robin
  • Created expectations and goals for Philip – Dan
  • Worked with JCS and Engineering Services on Golf Project- Dan
  • Met with Architect and contractor for three owners rep meetings- Dan &Robin
  • Worked on design for City/ county concession stand- Dan

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Recreation District Report Feb 2006 Dan Rodgerson

Recreation District Report   Feb 2006 Dan Rodgerson

Coordinated work-shop with Aspen Consulting and VCBO

  • Met with area representative from Jensen to begin Master Plan
  • Met with the City of Naples council
  • Finalized Contract with EDA, initiated kick-off meeting
  • Met with Keith Burnette from the CIB in Salt Lake.
  • Toured 4 centers in Salt Lake with Architects
  • Coordinated Board Retreat
  • Drafted policy for consistency in staff discounts
  • Drafted MOU with the County for administrative Services
  • Met with health insurance broker to evaluate insurance options
  • Attended Trails meeting and Heritage designation meeting
  • Met with Mark Edminister and Eric Johnston regarding CIB financing
  • Began to work on CIB application
  • Met with residents from Tridell to begin master planning Tridell Park
  • Developed a draft for capital allocations
  • Met with representatives from the connections program
  • Worked with Wells Fargo to create a saving/ investment account
  • Met with Laquita and Steve to refine slogan, and mission statement
  • Held two staff meetings.
  • Met with representatives from the Tennis Community
  • Attended two committee meetings
  • Created an addendum to golf course contract

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DP3 wins Design Award for Greenville Recreation Administrative Building – Dan Rodgerson

The Greenville Section of the South Carolina Chapter of the American Institute of Architects is please to present this award of merit to DP3 Architects for the Greenville County Recreation District Administrative Office Building.
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