Recreation District Report June 2007 Dan Rodgerson

May-June Administrative Report  Recreation District

  • Several meeting with Testing agencies regarding concrete concerns- Dan
  • Met with Personnel Director from County regarding personnel issues- Dan & Robin
  • Attended many meetings regarding potential operation of Buckskin Hills- Dan
  • Attended 2 Economic Development Special Service District meetings- Dan
  • Continued work on MOU’s- Dan
  • Contacted and begun working on Casselle software package- Robin
  • Worked with IT for hardware requirements- Robin
  • Met with Barry Colovich for contract work at Remember the Maine- Dan
  • Attended Cobra insurance meeting- Robin
  • Met with Lions Club regarding Remember the Maine- Dan
  • Met with District Attorney twice regarding legal issues- Dan
  • Recruited for additional staff- Robin
  • Created and sent RFP regarding district health insurance- Dan
  • Met with Utah Local Governments trust Property insurance needs- Dan & Robin
  • Participated in the health fair- Robin
  • Attended Pool Committee meeting- Robin
  • Hosted a CURPA meeting- Robin
  • Worked on final master plans for Avalon, Remember theMaineand Ballard- Dan
  • Researched info on Pool Scoreboard- Dan
  • Worked with Auditors for district audit report- Robin
  • Reviewed bids for Athletic Equipment  created comparison sheet- Robin
  • Research and recommended Ozone for new center- Dan
  • Worked on change orders for the Community Center– Dan
  • Attended two admin meetings- Dan
  • Attended 4 staff meetings- Dan & Robin
  • Attended 3 Owners Rep meetings- Dan & Robin
  • Worked with Attorney on recommendation for Landscaping- Dan
  • Worked with Peak Software for Community Center needs- Robin
  • Revised Golf Maintenance building and re-bid- Dan
  • Met with Story Telling festival for coordination- Robin
  • Worked with Lions Club for service project- Dan
  • Daily contact with Architect and Builder on Rec center-  Dan
  • Revised FF&E list-Robin
  • Attended three Kay Park committee meetings-  Dan &Robin
  • Attended Naples Park Committee meeting-  Dan
  • Worked with UELS for design on Avalon Community Building- Dan

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Recreation District April 2007 Dan Rodgerson

Mid March- April Administrative Report

  • Researched and recommended Caselle software-Robin
  • Attended web-site training for simple site revisions-Robin
  • Visited and toured the new Rec center inSouth Summit-Dan & Robin
  • Met with office furniture supplier inSaltLake-Robin
  • Researched and recommended pitching mounds-Robin
  • Researched and recommended employee discounts- Dan
  • Memo regarding staffing needs for new center- Dan
  • Research and recommended Ozone for new center- Dan
  • Sent bid specifications for fitness equipment-  Robin
  • Presented MP for Remember the Maine-  Dan
  • Presented MP for Avalon- Dan
  • Attended GASB training at county building-Robin
  • Ordered netting for City/ County park. Posted signs- Dan
  • Presented at the Home and Garden Show-  Dan &Robin
  • Advertised for two full-time positions-Robin
  • Advertised seasonal jobs at parks, VTV and movie theater-Robin
  • Gained final approval for Naples MP- Dan
  • Daily contact with Architect and Builder on Rec center-  Dan
  • Worked with QC testing to resolve construction related issues on site-  Dan
  • Held two staff meetings-  Dan &Robin
  • Researched Rec center fees- Dan &Robin
  • Met with Vendor regarding security systems at rec center-Robin& Dan
  • Met with county Clerk to finalize 2006 account balances-Robin
  • Worked on facility FF&E list and assigned estimated numbers-  Dan &Robin
  • Attended two owners rep meetings-  Dan &Robin
  • Attended two Kay Park committee meetings-  Dan &Robin
  • Attended Naples Park Committee meeting-  Dan

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Recreation District Report January 2006 Dan Rodgerson

January 06 Administrative Report

  • Review architect proposals with sub-committee and set interviews for architect firms.
  • Begin preliminary work on pay and classification Study
  • Worked on policy for staff discounts
  • Developed rating sheets for architect
  • Worked with designer for variation of departmental logos.
  • Developed part-time pay grades
  • Write job announcement for open positions
  • Meet with several staff individually regarding personnel issues
  • Attended meetings with County, Chamber, Avalon citizens committee, School District, Vernal city council and economic development.
  • Held two staff meetings and assisted at the high school.
  • Visited and scheduled retreat locations.
  • Interviewed Architects for Kay property
  • Worked to set golf course fees
  • Finalize Kay master plan
  • Contacts with Utah Money management council and various lending institutions to determine long-term funding options.

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Recreation District Report August 2008 Dan Rodgerson

July-August Administrative Report  Recreation District

  • Met with marketing committee to review park signs, letterhead etc.
  • Met with City of Vernal for site permits/ requirements
  • Met with CIB to finalize funds regarding Kay loan- Granted 7,000,000.00
  • Continued major revisions Finalized floor plan of Recreation Center
  • Met with District’s Attorney regarding revised MOU’s
  • Created RFP for CM-GC contractors
  • Planned and scheduled pre-bid meeting for CM-GC contractors
  • Scored, ranked and created summary for interviews for CMGC contractor interviews
  • Met with Naples park committee
  • Met with EDA and Okland in Salt Lake twice
  • Met with Tom Anderson regarding aquatics area/ issues in pool area
  • Worked with Del Brady to subdivide property for CIB loan
  • Worked with County on municipal building authority for Kay property
  • Bid and awarded playground and installation in Jensen
  • Coordinated volunteers to remove old playground equipment
  • Advertised for four full-time positions
  • Worked on major revisions to employee manual
  • Held four staff meetings
  •  Met with the city of Ballard on Creation of  Master Plan
  • Coordinated detailed site survey for Kay
  •  Attended two Parks committee meetings
  • Revised system for pay for performance
  • Worked on Master Plan for KOA, Lapoint and Tridell
  • Attended a board meeting and two workshops
  • Attended four Kay Park committee meetings
  • Met with county commissioners for monthly update
  • Worked to secure funding regarding creation of new districts
  • Created RFP for website design

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Recreation District Report July 2008 Dan Rodgerson

July Administrative Report Vernal

  • Coordinated delivery and use of athletic equipment- Dan
  • Met with City of Naples regarding MOU-Dan
  • Worked on Golf Course sign- Dan
  • Coordinated Capital projects workshop- Dan &Robin
  • Sent request for proposals for Concession Stand
  • Attended Golf Course committee meeting- Dan
  • Created 5 year plan for golf course improvements- Dan
  • Finalized Fee schedule for Community Center-Robin
  • Worked with tree board and locals for Landscape changes recommendations- Dan
  • Held a marketing meeting- Dan &Robin
  • Ordered survey for KOA- Dan
  • Worked with City on curb and gutter for community center– Dan
  • Met with representatives regarding district health care-Robin
  • Attended 2 staff meetings- Dan & Robin
  • Attended 2 Owners Rep meetings- Dan &Robin
  • Filed insurance claim for contractor damage at center
  • Daily contact with Architect and Builder on Rec center-  Dan
  • Met with and coordinated with Tackle football-Robin
  • Established checking accounts with Wells Fargo
  • Coordinated resolution for District Retirement Program
  • Attended three Kay Park committee meetings-  Dan &Robin

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Recreation District Report August 2008 Dan Rodgerson

Recreation District Report August 2008

  • Working with contractor on punch list items – Dan & Robin
  • Coordinated with School District on score board purchase – Dan
  • Sent out bid for Spinning bikes – Dan & Robin
  • Coordinated installation for security system- Dan
  • Researched and suggested spectator fee – Robin
  • Prepared CIB grant for light field replacement – Robin
  • Presented CIB grant in Salt Lake – Dan & Robin
  • Purchased and coordinated interior signage package- Dan
  • Attended sales meeting to potentially re-negotiate benefits package- Dan
  • Coordinated installation and crossover of phone lines into new center – Dan
  • Coordinated new designs for concession stand building- Dan & Robin
  • Finalized inter local agreement with the school district – Dan
  • Coordinated purchase of plaque for building- Robin
  • Coordinated new internet lines, router into new center – Dan
  • Worked with UBET on easement for data box – Dan
  • Determined system and cost for locker rentals – Robin
  • Purchased bike racks and benches for new center – Robin
  • Met with county officials in regards to CIB – Robin
  • Ordered and installed lobby pool tables – Robin
  • Coordinated on the enlarging of center retention pond- Dan
  • Worked with attorney in response to change order request – Dan
  • Worked with electrical consultant for assessment of remaining athletic fields – Dan
  • Coordinated installation of center sound system – Dan
  • Presented power and sewer bid for KOA development – Robin
  • Presented Great Western culinary water conversion change order  Robin
  • Presented nepotism policy revision – Dan
  • Presented pay and classification proposal – Dan
  • Recommended reduced home school entrance fee – Robn
  • Aggressively pursued sales of corporate memberships – Robin
  • Prepared bid specification for new vehicle – Robin
  • Drafted letter to Morton Electric in regards to lighting repair – Dan
  • Presented budget-re-opener – Robin
  • Presented golf pass yearly adjustment suggestion – Dan
  • Coordinated to purchase fence around aquatic area – Dan
  • Displayed at two community events –Robin
  • Coordinated four staff meetings- Dan &Robin
  • Coordinated resignation and release of district employee – Dan
  • Met with Architect and Contractor for three owners rep meetings- Dan &Robin

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